How To Manage a Facebook Page

After our articles about sites and blogs, how to make them grow and how to move on the web, we want to focus your attention on “How to manage a Facebook page”.

As well explained in the article “How to grow your own site”, a Facebook page is important for the visibility of your brand, product and site. How? Below we will explain the first step and then the benefits of having a Facebook page connected to your work :


  • Click this link, and you will open a page dedicated to the creation of a Facebook page.
  • Now choose your field, is a product? A company or store? Or an organization?
  • Once you have done with this (eg Brand or Product) you will be asked to better specify the category and name.
  • Perfect, after accepting the terms and clicked “First Steps” a dedicated page will be opened and you can fill there, as required, all your information.
  • Once you have created the page you just  to  invite all your contacts to put the “Like”.

Very well, now you have your own product or brand, with all of your information on Facebook. You can share photos, videos and posts with all those who have put “Like” to your page.

But what is it?

Simple, once you will share the contents of your website on your Facebook page, users will see the link on their wall and they will be tempted to click on it. In this way a large audience will be created. The sharing of content is the key for your business, almost 1/5 of views could just get a “click” on the link of your page .

What are you waiting for? Follow these simple steps and you’ve got a sure increase of your audience !

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