Web Advertising (Paid)

Very good, now that you have your own business, you have tried all possible solutions with “Free Directories”, you have posted (but not spammed ) your product everywhere , you’ve decided to do an “extra step” and pay for your advertising .

Here are the most useful and effective solutions . You’ll see how to get more out of your business!

  1. Google Adwords, as explained in our other article, is the best solution by Google to place your advertising. Paying an amount depending on many variables (eg, Google charges you on the clicks that you receive , and no longer with a fixed fee ) you can enjoy the best offer with the most used search engine in the world. Google will place your advertisement due of the fees that you agreed before signing the contract. Your ad will be positioned according to a specific layout within the page of the search engine , will be located on the side or you can put it as a first solution , although detailed search Google ( SEO).
  2. If you do not want to use Google Adwords but you’re only interested in optimizing your Facebook page (Because you, as a good business man, MUST HAVE a Facebook page associated with the site.) very well, in this case we use the sponsorship!Sponsorizzazione

This screen is what you will certainly find by clicking “Expand the public” at the top of the report page selecting “Create an Ad”.
Very well, as you can see from this picture (click to enlarge) Facebook want to know which page you want to advertise in our case Web Communicator.
Then , by completing a series of fields (not explain them as intuitive ) you will arrive finally at the end where you’ll establish your targets and budgets and then concluding with the button “Display Ad” .
Once you click on, you’ll see a simple page to review where you will find everything you requested. Click and sorts, follow the latest procedures … and your campaign will be on- air!

Another way of Facebook is always direct sponsorship of your article , is cheaper and gives you the opportunity to advertise only what you believe to be most worthy of investment .

How ?
The photo you see , is the bar of the statistical data called insights .
As you can see , at the end (right) of these data takes place a megaphone.posts
Just click on the megaphone for the item you wish to advertise you will open a mini screen where you set your budget .
Confirming the simple steps your advertising will be active !

NB The sponsorship of this items is the same you find in the “Home Page” not only in the insights. The choice is equivalent.

What are you waiting for? Get to work to achieve maximum visibility!

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