Come comunicar pela internet

Con isso, queremos introduzir o melhor conceito de: Come comunicar pela internet. Primeira coisa essencial, è fazer uso de todos os meios para iniciar um bom trabalho on line. Inscrições nos social mais relevantes, criação de um email corporativo (embora com o domínio próprio, ex. Gmail) e a criação de um eventual blog, representano todas possibilidades de para fazer os primeiros passos na web. Todos esses instrumentos são excelentes porque são completamente gratuitos . Como poder renunciar uma boa publicidade se o costo è zero?

Vamos entrar nos detalhes: quais são as vantagens que oferecem o trabalho on line para a própria empresa ou loja? Esses são os pontos essenciais: -maior visibilidade devida os varias opções que se pode usufruir na web – monitoração dos primeiros resultados através dos insight dos sites – possibilidade de interagir com o próprio cliente – possibilidade de ser atualizado cada dia. Oque precisa fazer para torna eficaz o trabalho? Os nossos conselhos: – por a disposição todas as suas informações. – estar sempre disponível aos esclarecimentos. – no facebook postar conteúdos breves ma incisivos. – em um blog o site postar conteúdos que despertam interesses. – compartilhar sempre a pagina no perfil pessoal mas, sem ser spam! O spam pode causar danos! – contar sempre espertos do ambiente, como web communicator! Depois que essa rotina começar, lembrar de manter atualizada o mais possível as paginas! Nao assiduamente, mas um bom utilizo desses medias permite um bom aumento de visibilidade. Tudo isso se feito de maneira correta, pode valer como uma boa base para iniciar o próprio negocio na web. A constância e a vontade de compartilhar os conteúdos representa os fundamentos para uma estratégia vencedora.

A New Media

Logo e ora mettici la faccia Facebook senza claim

Here Cvid, presented one year ago is a new media where you can find a job especially for young students looking for an internship. It stands out from the other because it takes advantages from the video using it as the main tool.

But to be really impressive and reach an high level of results it needs the right sponsor: Company and candidates.
So check it out, sign in and let the company find your profile!

Here the link!

Direction today make the most of social media!

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  • Direction today make the most of social media! It’s safe to say that net based social media makes it more easy for people to listen, engage, interact and collaborate with each other. Social media on your business is a must – customers spend lots of time online, so it is wise to spend money on social media management to make the most of the online community. There are a lot of social media channels out there – social networks, blogging platforms, online forums and a lot more. Social media management ensures that you and your company and your target market become socially active and communicate through all these sorts of routes in an effective and progressive manner. The advantages of social media are endless. Common edges include the ability to address your customers, get feedback and comments about your merchandise and offer solutions and promotions to problems or requirements. Social media direction not only means that you simply participate in online discussions associated with company or your product – it also ensures that one can assemble information and research ways to make your products better. Social media management makes sure that you are capable use these details to supply customers with the enhanced merchandise and to compile feedback. Given the amount of the increasing numbers of prospective customers, and social media channels out there, the quantity of work that goes into keeping this is not rather unspectacular. As the number of conversations increase and social media sites, this can prove to be a time and labour intensive procedure. Trying to keep track of all sorts of social media along with converse, monitor and manage them becomes quite a gigantic task. Most firms have found a solution – by hiring the services of a social media management solutions business. Social media management options will help your company set up your online profile via various media channels that are social, and will allow you to manage incoming and outbound interactions that are online. They consolidate you listen to and participate in conversations that are important and help one to easily track what folks are saying about your business. The aim of social media direction will be to assist you to amplify your social media existence across various social networking sites. Another edge of social media management solutions is they offer tools that can help you incorporate social networking activities with other promotion programmes like email marketing, search engine marketing efforts, contact management systems and web sites. 5 Reasons Why Not Using Social Media Management in Your Business Is Crazy! 1. SEO Even beginners to the game realise that if you’re online you likely want your own website coming on the first page of Google when someone enters a product of service that you provide. S.E.O done in the appropriate manner essentially means getting your web site to be the most relevant site on the internet for the things folks are searching for. If this happens afterward Google adheres you at the top of the standings because all they’re attempting to do would be to match people who are looking for a particular matter with that particular thing or info on that special matter.


  • It stands to reason that if lots of folks are talking about your service, merchandise, website etc then it suggests your site is important and useful, Google afterward wants to help get folks to that site. Social Media management isn’t the only matter that you need but if you have a strong relevant societal brand existence then it isn’t going to damage is it? 2. Building Trust Customers that are now do a lot more research about who they are going to work with, whether that is purchasing a service or an item. 3. Puts A Face To The Brand The old sales adage that people buy from people is still true even when buying online. It requires lots of trust to buy from someone you do not understand and this is exactly what you’re requesting folks to do from your site. The more a personality can be built by you, the more people believe the more they trust you and they know you. Once people trust you, you are able to sell them practically anything (within reason naturally). Look at Richard Branson, all of US believe we understand him even though we’ve social media Berkhamsted never met him, therefore when Virgin establishes anything we feel we can trust the brand (i.e. him). Social Media Management means that we can now establish this personality quickly and at low cost but it does also mean that you could simply copy and paste content. You will need to give value, let people know you a genuine individual and are interested in the things they are. There is no better method for you to connect with your potential customers than social media 4. Where The Customers Are it is Last Year there were 300 billion searches performed and over 500 billion products Now being online doesn’t simply mean having a site; you need to be doing social media as well otherwise you will get eaten up by the competition. FACEBOOK – 500 million average visits a day and 1 billion active users TWITTER – 33 million visits a day and 200 million members. 5. Where Your Competitors Are it is The stats above mean that whilst you might be reticent to go online your competitions undoubtedly aren’t. The UK government have spent GBP100,000 to boost Britain as a fantastic place to visit. The thing is, unless they can see that it works people don’t tend to spend that much promotion on any stage.


Статистические данные Фэйсбук‏ – Facebook

Статистические данные и итоги опросов на твоём сайте или странице фэйсбук. После объяснения как пользоваться Фэйсбук переходим к анализу статистических данных.
Во-первых,чтбы иметь возможность увидеть их,ты должен иметь хотя бы 30 лайков,меньшее их количество  не позволит этого сделать. Итак, смотрим,что такое тавлица данных.

Dati insight

Dati insight

Статистические данные
Очень хорошо,в этой таблице хорошо видны две разные по цвету линии и штрихи. Одна синяя(общая цифра за неделю)и зелёная(количество людей,обсуждающих это).



Первая показывает сколько людей просмотрело содержание твоей страници за последние 7дней,штрихи указывают интервалы за эти 7 дней. Зелёная же линия указывает на количество активных посетителей твоей страници,т.е поставили лайк,согласны,заинтересовались твоими фотографиями или же зарегистрировались. Одним словом отношение посетитеей твоей страници за 7 дней.

CVid – il tuo videocurriculum!


E’ finalmente arrivato un nuovo supporto per la ricerca del lavoro per neolaureati o lavoratori.

CVid è un sito internet tutto Made in Italy che mette in relazione tramite il mezzo video studenti in cerca di lavoro o di uno stage con aziende mondiali in cerca di nuovi candidati

Grazie ad un network internazionale e a partnership con le più importanti università di Milano, CVid si pone come obiettivo quello di semplificare il processo di selezione dei recruiter fornendo loro informazioni più esaustive sullo scrutinato e dando a quest’ultimo la possibilità di mettersi in mostra come professionista in una vetrina mondiale.

CVid E’ quindi in grado di rendere vincente la ricerca del lavoro per entrambe le parti.

Il candidato può trovare in primis un nuovo portale globale e completamente gratuito dove farsi conoscere, un portale molto più coinvolgente ed in grado di spronare lo stesso studente ad investire moralmente per creare un profilo altamente competitivo.

Le aziende invece potranno fare affidamento ad una banca dati di curricula video completa e di facile consultazione, risparmiando tempo e denaro in quanto il video CV può risultare utile tanto quanto un colloquio di persona.

CVid è ora, manchi solo tu!