Direction today make the most of social media!

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  • Direction today make the most of social media! It’s safe to say that net based social media makes it more easy for people to listen, engage, interact and collaborate with each other. Social media on your business is a must – customers spend lots of time online, so it is wise to spend money on social media management to make the most of the online community. There are a lot of social media channels out there – social networks, blogging platforms, online forums and a lot more. Social media management ensures that you and your company and your target market become socially active and communicate through all these sorts of routes in an effective and progressive manner. The advantages of social media are endless. Common edges include the ability to address your customers, get feedback and comments about your merchandise and offer solutions and promotions to problems or requirements. Social media direction not only means that you simply participate in online discussions associated with company or your product – it also ensures that one can assemble information and research ways to make your products better. Social media management makes sure that you are capable use these details to supply customers with the enhanced merchandise and to compile feedback. Given the amount of the increasing numbers of prospective customers, and social media channels out there, the quantity of work that goes into keeping this is not rather unspectacular. As the number of conversations increase and social media sites, this can prove to be a time and labour intensive procedure. Trying to keep track of all sorts of social media along with converse, monitor and manage them becomes quite a gigantic task. Most firms have found a solution – by hiring the services of a social media management solutions business. Social media management options will help your company set up your online profile via various media channels that are social, and will allow you to manage incoming and outbound interactions that are online. They consolidate you listen to and participate in conversations that are important and help one to easily track what folks are saying about your business. The aim of social media direction will be to assist you to amplify your social media existence across various social networking sites. Another edge of social media management solutions is they offer tools that can help you incorporate social networking activities with other promotion programmes like email marketing, search engine marketing efforts, contact management systems and web sites. 5 Reasons Why Not Using Social Media Management in Your Business Is Crazy! 1. SEO Even beginners to the game realise that if you’re online you likely want your own website coming on the first page of Google when someone enters a product of service that you provide. S.E.O done in the appropriate manner essentially means getting your web site to be the most relevant site on the internet for the things folks are searching for. If this happens afterward Google adheres you at the top of the standings because all they’re attempting to do would be to match people who are looking for a particular matter with that particular thing or info on that special matter.


  • It stands to reason that if lots of folks are talking about your service, merchandise, website etc then it suggests your site is important and useful, Google afterward wants to help get folks to that site. Social Media management isn’t the only matter that you need but if you have a strong relevant societal brand existence then it isn’t going to damage is it? 2. Building Trust Customers that are now do a lot more research about who they are going to work with, whether that is purchasing a service or an item. 3. Puts A Face To The Brand The old sales adage that people buy from people is still true even when buying online. It requires lots of trust to buy from someone you do not understand and this is exactly what you’re requesting folks to do from your site. The more a personality can be built by you, the more people believe the more they trust you and they know you. Once people trust you, you are able to sell them practically anything (within reason naturally). Look at Richard Branson, all of US believe we understand him even though we’ve social media Berkhamsted never met him, therefore when Virgin establishes anything we feel we can trust the brand (i.e. him). Social Media Management means that we can now establish this personality quickly and at low cost but it does also mean that you could simply copy and paste content. You will need to give value, let people know you a genuine individual and are interested in the things they are. There is no better method for you to connect with your potential customers than social media 4. Where The Customers Are it is Last Year there were 300 billion searches performed and over 500 billion products Now being online doesn’t simply mean having a site; you need to be doing social media as well otherwise you will get eaten up by the competition. FACEBOOK – 500 million average visits a day and 1 billion active users TWITTER – 33 million visits a day and 200 million members. 5. Where Your Competitors Are it is The stats above mean that whilst you might be reticent to go online your competitions undoubtedly aren’t. The UK government have spent GBP100,000 to boost Britain as a fantastic place to visit. The thing is, unless they can see that it works people don’t tend to spend that much promotion on any stage.


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Create a Professional Site

The seriousness of your website/blog/Facebook page is essential to give a professional touch to your work. Make no mistake though, seriousness is not synonymous with the boring , and the word, “boring” has to be avoided!

Be creative in setting your post, (making a first draft) work and take the time necessary to make it complete. Once you are satisfied with your work, publish it! Don’t publish things just to write something!
Insights, or viewing statistics, of your site/blog should not be looked for at least one month after the start of your business. You must share at least one item a day, but without going crazy just to get more views. If you made ​​more arguments, pin it, create an outline so you carry on with the job. You have to be consistent and be able achieve the goal in right times, not hasty premature conclusions only for the insight! A lot of people ask us why the views after a week of work remain low . The answer is simple . You go to the gym? The results come after how much ? After a week or after months of hard training and hard work? Well, the answer is given.

You have to ask yourself what your goals are, you have to anticipate moves, you know already what to do for the next day, where and what to publish . Do not think that this is a waste of time for your business, in fact, nothing is more important right now, to be able to communicate on-line!
The reliability, consistency and complete dedication to your web profiles will give your business a lapel certainly positive. Receive comments, give explanations on your Facebook page to a customer for a little inexperienced. Here we are, all this will be noticed by potential consumers and will make you the icon of seriousness and good “customer service” on the web .

What are you waiting for? Contact us and together we will develop your project!

Web Advertising (Paid)

Very good, now that you have your own business, you have tried all possible solutions with “Free Directories”, you have posted (but not spammed ) your product everywhere , you’ve decided to do an “extra step” and pay for your advertising .

Here are the most useful and effective solutions . You’ll see how to get more out of your business!

  1. Google Adwords, as explained in our other article, is the best solution by Google to place your advertising. Paying an amount depending on many variables (eg, Google charges you on the clicks that you receive , and no longer with a fixed fee ) you can enjoy the best offer with the most used search engine in the world. Google will place your advertisement due of the fees that you agreed before signing the contract. Your ad will be positioned according to a specific layout within the page of the search engine , will be located on the side or you can put it as a first solution , although detailed search Google ( SEO).
  2. If you do not want to use Google Adwords but you’re only interested in optimizing your Facebook page (Because you, as a good business man, MUST HAVE a Facebook page associated with the site.) very well, in this case we use the sponsorship!Sponsorizzazione

This screen is what you will certainly find by clicking “Expand the public” at the top of the report page selecting “Create an Ad”.
Very well, as you can see from this picture (click to enlarge) Facebook want to know which page you want to advertise in our case Web Communicator.
Then , by completing a series of fields (not explain them as intuitive ) you will arrive finally at the end where you’ll establish your targets and budgets and then concluding with the button “Display Ad” .
Once you click on, you’ll see a simple page to review where you will find everything you requested. Click and sorts, follow the latest procedures … and your campaign will be on- air!

Another way of Facebook is always direct sponsorship of your article , is cheaper and gives you the opportunity to advertise only what you believe to be most worthy of investment .

How ?
The photo you see , is the bar of the statistical data called insights .
As you can see , at the end (right) of these data takes place a megaphone.posts
Just click on the megaphone for the item you wish to advertise you will open a mini screen where you set your budget .
Confirming the simple steps your advertising will be active !

NB The sponsorship of this items is the same you find in the “Home Page” not only in the insights. The choice is equivalent.

What are you waiting for? Get to work to achieve maximum visibility!

How To Communicate On The Web

With this post we want to introduce better to the concept of: “How to communicate on the web“.

First, essential , use the right tools to start a good job online. Registration in the most relevant social media , create an email for your business and also the creation of a blog. This tools are the right way to start yor business on-line

Are certainly great to use because they are completely free! So you don’t have to pay for nothing, well, if you want you can pay for advertising (next articles) but if you want to start from the bases this is enough

Go into details : What are the advantages of working online for your business or shop?

Here are the main points:

  • Visibility increased due to the vast world of the Web
  • Monitoring of results through the insights of the sites
  • Opportunity to interact with your customers
  • Be always updated about what going on around you

What is needed to make effective the job?

Here are our recommendations :

  • To provide all your information
  • Always be available to clarify
  • Facebook posts should be short but incisive
  • On blogs or websites to post content that generate interest
  • Often share the page on your personal profile , but NEVER SPAM!
  • Rely on the experts already entered into this field , LIKE US!!

Once you start this routine , remember to UPDATE EVERYTHING! A good use of these media allows you to increase visibility.

All this, if properly applied , can be worth as a good basis to start your own business on the web . The consistency and the desire to share content are the key for a winning strategy.

Come Gestire una Crisi sui Social Media

Le crisi per una azienda sono eventi straordinari ma del tutto possibili. Per crisi si intendono tutti quei fattori interni ed esterni all’impresa che ne modificano le caratteristiche di “percezione del consumatore”. 

Ci potremmo dilungare molto sul tema di crisi interna, tacita, pubblica e molto altro, ma, avendo interpellato la “percezione del consumatore” vogliamo focalizzare il discorso sulle crisi tra cliente e azienda, in particolar  modo, quelle che avvengono sui social  media.

Come ormai detto più volte, ogni azienda che si rispetti ha un profilo o pagina per ogni social media di rilevante importanza. L’apertura da parte dell’azienda di una finestra del tutto libera dove il consumatore può dare libera espressione alla sua mente, rende quasi pericolosa  la sicurezza dell’immagine aziendale.

L’attività di monitoring  da parte del personale specializzato in comunicazione, deve essere costante. Ogni giorno le compagnie si ritrovano migliaia di commenti, tweet, post, etc. alla quale far fronte. La mancata gestione di questi canali di utenza danneggerebbe la visibilità e serietà della compagnia.

Come fare quindi questo lavoro?

Prima cosa, le capacità dello staff sono la parte chiave.
Un team in grado di districarsi tra i mille commenti, capace di scegliere quelli più dannosi ed essere altrettanto veloce a dare una risposta chiara e utile a placare la collera del consumatore, risulta fondamentale per la gestione delle crisi.

Bisogna essere in grado di capire quindi il tipo di post. Esistono le lamentele, le domande di carattere tecnico e le “minacce”.

Le prime risultano prioritarie. Infatti, gestire una lamentela è utile sia per il cliente, sia per i potenziali che hanno visualizzato la discussione. La conversazione deve essere pacata e deve saziare qualsiasi dubbio o problema reso noto dal consumatore

Le domande di carattere tecnico possono essere risolte utilizzando un sistema di default come per esempio il re-indirizzamento alle FAQ del proprio sito, così da risparmiare un sacco di tempo.

Le ultime, anche se andrebbero ignorate, sono i post furibondi di clienti completamente insoddisfatti che usano terminologie scontrose e risultano completamente chiusi al dialogo. In questo caso, data la scarsità di apprendimento dei soggetti, è quasi sempre meglio scusarsi e chiudere la conversazione, ma mai e poi mai cancellare il post.

Tutto quello che si fa sull’ on-line risulta visibile a moltissimi utenti. Una cattiva gestione di un solo cliente, può comportare un effetto valanga su altri consumatori, inibendo così la volontarietà di quest’ultimi di scegliere la vostra azienda in un paniere di diversi concorrenti.

Il gestire nel modo corretto una qualsiasi crisi nel 2013 risulta quindi chiave alla brand image, non dimenticatelo